Retrailer Tea Company

Our blends are artisanal enough to excite foodies, conversational enough to attract healthy lifestyle novices, sustainable enough to appeal to greenies, and holistic enough to do asana with new age yogis everywhere.

How it all began

After ten days of silence on a meditation ashram in rural Washington, founder, Lisa Govro met Julie, a turmeric farmer from Hana, Hawaii, who would influence ideas that were already forming in Lisa's mind. Months prior to meeting, she had apprenticed as an ayurvedic chef where the wonders of turmeric were the daily gospel. By the time she connected with Julie, Lisa was already sprinkling the beautiful orange spice on nearly everything she consumed. The effect of turmeric on was profound; it improved skin complexion, curbed the urge to snack and overeat and left one feeling, well, glowy. Lisa was in love - with turmeric. 

Ingesting some form of turmeric every day was a no-brainer. In fact, thanks to recent media attention and medical claims by a celebrity physician, the life changing health benefits of turmeric as an antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antiviral superfood were becoming common knowledge. Western medicine has even come on board! There are over 3,000 preclinical studies on its use as medicine to help prevent cancer, alzheimer's and diabetes (to name a few). Turmeric’s beautiful, golden rhizomes were finally getting the attention they deserved. It was poised to save the world, end chronic pain, and stain your kitchen countertop orange. However, there was one major problem; the messaging was all wrong. Turmeric, and all healing herbs for that matter, were being targeted towards students of yoga and consumers with alternative medicine leanings. The ‘people’s’ medicine wasn’t being marketed to the ‘people’ at all. Enter: the Retrailer Tea Company. 

Countless test blends and hundreds of gallons of tea later, The Retrailer Tea Company has created 21 proprietary herbal tea blends and a chai concentrate that convey the message that the healthful bounty of nature's medicine is not just for marathon running, yoga practicing, mountain summiting, bike riding hippies anymore.

Today, Retrailer wholesales its line of 21 proprietary blends to coffee shops, cafes, grocery and retail stores in the St. Louis metro area.


The Retrailer Tea Company sources the highest quality, organic herbs and spices. Better quality herbs mean higher essential oil content which naturally results in a fresher, more robust flavor. 

Our herbal teas are good for you AND they taste good. 

Because Retrailer Tea is blended and brewed with whole, organic herbs and spices they impart many health benefits not found in artificially flavored drinks. While healing properties vary for each tea blend, they all contain powerful, free-radical fighting antioxidants. 

Commitment to do Good

The Retrailer sources all organic herbs and spices because we not only have a responsibility to protect the health of our planet but the lives of the farm workers harvesting the herbs and their families. 

Trailer Talk

The Retrailer keeps healthy lifestyle concepts simple and approachable by avoiding jargon and limiting overly descriptive lists of health benefits. Drinking Retrailer tea may not save your life but quitting overly-sugared, processed drinks, like soda, just might.


Better quality herbs mean higher essential oil content which naturally results in a fresher, more robust flavor.